Handout - Parts of the Interview - Beginning, Middle, End

This handout is used as a supplement in training and workshops and is not meant to be a complete document in and of itself. To those who have not attended our training and/or workshops this handout will appear incomplete, vague, and confusing.








General conversation: (Identify several topics that my be discussed)


Connect to last contact with client:  (Provide a statement that make this connection)


Review any outstanding issues:  (Identify issues that could be reviewed)


Make transition to the purpose or goal of today’s interview/session:  (Provide a statement that makes this transition)





Clearly state what the topic or issue is that will be discussed:  (Provide an example of an issue or topic that you will address in this session. Use only one topic or issue.)


State clearly how you intend on addressing this topic or issue:  (How will you get your points across or help them to understand the topic or issue.)


Summarize, wrap up or pulls together the main theme or points you were trying to make:  (Summarize what was presented/learned/taught during this session.)


Make transition to the end of today’s interview/session:  (Provide a statement that makes this transition)





Make any last summary statements to the client:  (Provide a statement of summary that brings together what was discussed during the session)


Provide homework assignment: (Provide an example of what you could give as homework, and explain why you gave it and what you hoped to gain from it.)


Ensure clients understanding and well-being before ending the session: (Ensure the client has understood the session and homework; that they will be “OK” leaving the session.)


End with final closing statements: (Provide a closing statement.)